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Mini Loans between £100 to £500 – Get cash in minutes

Finding the right loan is not just about getting the cash you need. It is about comparing different offers and selecting a loan that suits your unique financial situation. The right fit loan for you would be one that is affordable and that allows you to repay on time.

Applying for a loan through us can save you from the trouble of finding mini credit lenders and contacting them separately. We offer a loan matching service that helps you connect with multiple lenders by submitting single application form. We are associated with almost all major lenders offering different types of short term loans. Once you submit your application form, the automatic system will connect you with the lenders who offer mini credit loans in your region. If approved, you can receive multiple loan quotations within minutes.

Are you offering £100 mini credit as Payday Loans?

Yes, you can say that ‘£100 mini credit is a payday loan’. This is because such short term loans are typically offered for duration of 2 - 4 weeks, which is similar to a payday loan. And, as with a payday loan, you can choose a loan due date of your choice (coinciding with your payday). This not only assures you of having sufficient funds for repayment but also it helps you remember your loan due date.

Consequences of Non-Payment of mini loans

It is always expected and recommended that you pay back even your mini loan on time. In case you miss the loan repayment a penalty or increased interest rate can be imposed on your minicredit taken. In the event that you are not able to arrange funds on time, then you must contact the minicredit lender immediately and update him of your financial problems. For first time delay, the lender might consider your problems and offer a mini extension of your loan without charging a penalty.

Collection Method for default mini loan accounts

In case of repeated delay in loan repayment, the mini credit lender has the authority to forward your information to the third party collection agencies who would then contact you to collect the default mini loan amount. This may hurt your credit rating adversely since these collection agencies provide a report to credit agencies about your loan account defaults.

Tips to build your credit with £100 mini loans

To leave a positive remark on your credit register, make sure that you make all your loan repayments on time. Do not take out a loan that you cannot afford to pay back on time. Also, make sure to always pay your utility bills on time as missing these payments also have a negative effect on your credit report. Every missed payment will hurt your credit rating and every successful mini loan account improves your rating.